The History

Born in its latest evolution in the early 90s, the history of SIGAM has its roots in 1968, when the brothers Antonio and Gennaro Marfè set up a workshop in Naples for the production of car exhausts.
From 1968 to 1974 the production, closely linked to the development of motorisation, was very successful on the local market, to the point that the premises that housed the factory proved to be too small.

The need to grow thus gave birth to GAM-SUD, which operated in a large industrial area in Arzano (Naples). Marfè brothers were gradually and actively joined by their respective sons who helped to create an industrial complex technically organised for the production of exhaust systems and manifolds. The fast and constant growth throughout the Country led them to expand their production facilities.

The Structure

In 1993 Sigam was born in a new industrial complex capable of responding to the growing needs of the market and therefore of production.
The new SIGAM plant of 24,000 sqm was located in the industrial area of Marcianise (Caserta), in an easily accessible area. With the new location, Sigam was able to count on strategic logistic positioning.

A quick and direct connection with all motorways, major state roads, Capodichino airport, railway stations and, last but not least, the Port of Naples.
Today Sigam is an international reference point for the exhausts market. The Marfè family is determined to achieve ever higher results through the constant use of the most advanced technologies, for the quality of materials and the level of service offered to its customers.


The Warehouse, fully automated and guided by the "just in time" policy, is organised in order to optimise order picking times. The software used allows self-managed handling based on the highest standards of precision.
The distribution on the national territory is entrusted to a network of directional customers.
For distribution abroad, where Sigam is present in all European countries and in countries throughout the Mediterranean, the most experienced and qualified transport companies guarantee a satisfying service.


Sigam Srl